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In ever increasing numbers today, you can pick up any newspaper, tune into any channel on TV or pick any news outlet online and you can find story after story about the bad things today’s youth are taking part in. We believe it’s time that someone started reporting on and promoting the good news about our youth and their achievements.


Louisiana’s positive digital sports magazine for and about our youth. Our goal is to locate and report on the great achievements our youth are accomplishing on the field, in the classroom and in our communities. The staff at LAYOUTHSPORTS.COM believes that there should be more showcasing¬† of our kids passions and interests. Positive, powerful and encouraging coverage of a young athlete can lead to many good things for their future development.

Enter Our Digital Publication

We believe there are so many stories out there just waiting to be told. Stories of courage and¬†perseverance. Stories of world-class sportsmanship and civic involvement that betters our local communities. Stories of smart student-athletes who are planning for and preparing academically for their futures. Even stories of failure and the character it builds. These are the stories we want to tell. We have the platform and desire to publish but we can’t be everywhere.

Your Report, We Publish

You, the parent or the grandparent, team mom, coach, league official, neighbor or friend. You can submit a story. If you have an active athlete in your family we want to know about them, no matter the age. Even local photographers can send in stories and photos. Be our local contributing writers. We want your stories and images.

Who We Really Are

We are a dedicated group of former coaches, league officials and photographers who have decided enough is enough concerning youth media coverage. We feel a calling to report on the outstanding achievements of our local youth and we’re ready to start. Why don’t you take the journey with us and help promote your local athletes.

Get in touch with the editor and let us show you how you can participate. Email: editor@layouthsports.com