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Prohibited Characteristics

As a digital publication, LAYOUTHSPORTS.COM stated purpose is the promotion of the positive athletic and community focused accomplishments of Louisiana’s youth as well as their healthy lifestyles has to right to refuse any advertising or sponsorship that in it’s opinion deviates from its stated purpose.

As such any proposed or contracted advertising that, at any time, violate the following Prohibited Characteristics will be canceled and/or not be accepted for publication in or on our platform:

  • Promote or encourage gambling (paid, free, or gateway to paid gambling).
  • Promote drinking alcoholic beverages and/or promoting bars and clubs whose primary income and focus is the consumption of same.
  • Promote or depict tobacco use, dipping, chew or the promotion of smoking accessories such as vaping.
  • Unlawful use of prescribed drugs and/or use of illegal substance abuse.
  • Promote questionable health supplements or their use outside of normal vitamins.
  • Depicting or delivering libelous, violent, tasteless, hate, defamatory, or illegal content.
  • Any political oriented advertisements.
  • Weapons or anything related to weaponry.
  • Portray partial or complete nudity, pornography, and/or adult themes and obscene content.
  • Spawn pops, simulated clicks, contain malicious code, viruses, or executable files of any kind.
  • Delivering surveys via floating layers, pop-ups or popunders.
  • Use of or implied use of explicit language, spelling mistakes or simulated expletives (e.g., #$%!)
  • No links or any kind to any of the above Prohibited Characteristics.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a contracted advertiser submits ads that violates the Prohibited Characteristics LAYOUTHSPORTS,COM shall have, at it’s sole discretion, the right to refuse and terminate the ad contract with the advertiser. In such cases of termination the advertiser will be entitled to any unused fees/payments held by LAYOUTHSPORTS.COM. If the advertiser has not paid their contract in full and LAYOUTHSPORTS.COM is still entitled to payment on the original contract only the portion of used fees for service already rendered shall still be due and payable.

Ad Specifications

  • File Formats – JPG, PNG, GIF.
  • Banner resolution – 120 DPI.
  • Images Within Ad – Full color, RGB, JPEG.
  • GIF Files – 20 seconds or less including all animation, loops. no sound.
  • File Borders – Black or white backgrounds must have a visible border of a contrasting color.
  • Linking – Must submit the full website address linking to with order.
  • Mobile Ads – Text large, simple, easy to read. use san serif fonts.
  • Ad Due Date – 10 business days before publication date.
  • Total File size – Keep file sizes low (85 – 120 KB).

Web Banner Design Best Practices

  • For those advertisers who are buying multiple month ads please submit multiple (no more than 4), visually different ads. Your ad campaign can be set to serve up new ads on a rotating basis every month.
  • Files should be in one of these formats: JPG, PNG and/or GIF format, prepared according to the provided specs.
  • Banner files for ad placement for publication should have a resolution final resolution of 72 dpi.
  • All images within the ad should be created as full color RGB, JPG at 120 dpi.
  • Animated GIF max animation time should be no longer than 20 seconds in length. All animation, including loops, must stop at 20 seconds after which they must stop.
  • No sound.
  • Ads with partially black or white backgrounds must have a visible border of a contrasting color.
  • Include the full and complete website/Internet address that you wish to have your banner link to. Example:
  • Your ads will show on mobile devices or tablets. Make the text as large and easy-to-read as possible. Use sans serif fonts if possible.
  • If using an animated GIF, ensure the frame stays visible long enough for a user to read the frame. Do not make the ad rotate too quickly or flash.
  • Have a clear call to action on the ad “Click For More Information”.
  • Less is always more when it comes to amount of content on the ad. Keep it brief and to the point.
  • We highly recommend you include a tracking code at the end of the URL the ad links to. This enables the ability to track the ad performance via your own website analytics tools (such as Google Analytics).
  • If you are not familiar with this process, please see this URL Builder Tool resource from Google:
  • Keep the file weight as low as possible.

Final Details

  • For all Banner purchases, the advertiser is responsible for creation and delivery of all final artwork and all changes.
  • Ads can be changed once per month at no charge. For more frequent changes, a fee of $100 per change is charged.
  • Advertisers will receive a “digital tear sheet” (screen-shot) of their ad via e-mail when it is initially published and whenever advertiser makes a change to their ad.
  • Files should be delivered via e-mail to: